Wednesday, June 4, 2008

that stupid ass.
go spam my tagboard.

if i find out who he/she is!
im gonna smack the hell out of them.
better now.
yesterday seika sent me the picture of me and eling fighting.
so bad.
she called us siaozhabor.
here the picture is!
i think its cute.
but bad.
today went out wit my father,wes,jasmne.
to eat lunch.
then went to iris's house.
played like bitches.
i put my leg on her face.
but she push it away.
wait arhs.
i post it first!

here it is!
now she is at my house.
she sleeping over!
so fun.
the third person sleeping over my house:]
i told her.
she dont beleive.
then i show her.
then she slap my back.
i slap her back!
tags are replied:]

Brenda:D ; hahas. thankyou! hahas. credits to wes's girlfriend:]

Uncle Very Hot(Not Me) ; hahas. helloh!

linhui ; helloh! hahas. tyty! by my brother's girlfriend:D

Filza ; hahahs. my brother's girlfriend edited it:] lols. hahahas. anyway, thanks for the tag!

seika :D ; hahas. i accept the request! gonna check it out! anyways, i banned that person. so nevermind. of course you wont! my good good mei mahs. hahas. really ? tell me! i wanna know who that person is, so evillll! more evil than me! wakaka.

yo ; yoooo! whats up man! why never write you name? hahas. thankyou for the tag!

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