Monday, June 2, 2008

today was fun.
my brother, brother's girlfriend and i went to leisure park to have lunch and shop.
first me and mybrother went to boon keng MRT station to fetch his girlfriend.
then we went to leisure park, ate at the food court.
we ate pork chop rice wit white sauce.
its was okay.
then we went to shop. shop. shop. my brother went to buy a drink.
he said, i dont wanna play at the arcade,
me and jasmne[brother's girlfriend.] was like okay.
then we went to play.
jasmne treat me to play.
then when my brother come he asked my why i use jasmne money.
so bad lorhs.
me and jamne went to play drums.
while my brother play other games.
then jasmne whispered to me and said, wes say that he is not going to play and he played.
then we giggled. hahahs! i agree what jasmne say.
after that we went home. and before that i asked jasmne whether she can make the blogskin for me. she said yes. hahahs.
then i asked her questions about the skins.
but she havent make them lah!
this skin is not she make wan.
when she make the skin i will post and say.
uploaded some pictures about the nanjing things.
but i only took zilian pictures.
never take any historic picture.
so too bad:]
hahas. me and wanwen at the bus zilian.

the ducks, we saw. i think they are gonna be slaughtered when they grow up and get eaten up by nanjing people.going to eat breakfast ; we took it:]
hahas. i zilian:]
eling watching television ; talking to alefiyah.

me and wanwen, hahas.
eling, wanwen and alefiyah.
at the studio, while having break we took this.
took this on the bus too,i edited it on my phone. hahas.

that's the end of my photos!:D

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