Sunday, June 1, 2008

HELLOH! at my friend house. yesterday after seika and eling went home, i went to tution wit my friend that is primary 3 then went to her house, ate there and her mother make the homemade ICECREAM! red bean somemore. got cream taste. her mother make one. i ate one, feel like eating one more but no more! cause its too nice then no more le. hahahs. my friend de house is block 3 and my house is block 1, very near, at night ; she ask me to ask my mother can sleepover her house a not. i was like, sure cannot wan lahs, dont ask. then she insist. so i smsed' and she replied YES. i was shocked. she doesnt allow me to sleepover at her house wan. then i slept lorhs. hahas ; that was yesterday, today, my father smsed me and he said actually mummy dont allow, then he said, ' you think who help you wan ?' then i was like, you ? he say ya. i love my father like LOADS. he always help me. after that, her father, mother, her and me went to the swimming pool to eat breakfast and swim. her mother make the breakfast and we bring down to eat. so fun! i wanna do that everyday. but my brother sure cant wake up. so too bad.
hahas. got to go now, going to learn to make bread wit her mother ; byebyeeeeeeeeee:]

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