Tuesday, June 3, 2008

helloh peep peeps!
today went to my father's office.
nothing to post anyway.
but got pictures.
hahas. here are the pictures!

me bored, that's why draw it on the daddy's meeting room white board.

meeting room!
the whiteboard in the meeting room.

hahas. this dog is my walter's friend the dog, named cookie. co cute! but very skinny.

hahas, this is i draw wan. thanks to jasmne for this blogskin!
tags replied here:D

CINDY x3 ; helloh! hahas. thanks to my brother's girlfriend!

AMMELIE x))) ; hahas. helloh! skin is my brother's girlfriend make wan. aiyahs, p5 camp, almost all height games, i scared of height. i sure cry wan!

WANWEN ; helloh, tyty, thanks to jasmne, my brother's girlfriend. huh ? wtf ? the pic arhs ? the pic of you is damn chio! hahas.

SEIKA:D ; hahas. tyty. my brother's girlfriend edit wan. i love it LOADS.

CINDY x3 ; hahahs. ty for the tag too! my best jie! love you!

POISONdardar ; hahas. my brother's girlfriend make wan. love it!

laopo(: ; hahas. ty! my brother's girlfriend make wan! love love love it! and of course, LOVE YOU TOO! my best laoporh!

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