Saturday, February 5, 2011

We choose the lives we live

5th February 2011, Friday.

Aunt Helen's house for dinner and lou hei!!! Then Carey sent Walter to Orchard and then me home. Aunt Helen have this like few thousand dollars american dog and its super cute. They have two, one is called Walnut and the other is Chloe. When Walnut stands up, his like taller than me, LOL!

6 February 2011, Saturday.

Visited Chen Lao Shi today with Monik Joanne Jenice, then met Karyl after that. Joanne's house for bainian. :) Played poker card games with a little tinsy money and we were betting super small, but I lost $4. Bad luck :(
Nevermind, tmrw I can win back all my money at Auntie Mary's house, hopefully! All pictures are like with Karyl and Jenice hehe. Tmrw going to Jenice house!!! Yay can meet my babes like Yvonne Linhui etc, :*


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