Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye forever

Day 6 — A stranger
(I've just realised its the 30 day letter writing challenge.)(I feel stupid)

Strangers... No I don't wna write any letters to a stranger. So yes I'll skip this.

Today is a very sunny hot day. Me and my friends are having dance in the hall. We are very hot. We pespire a lot. I don't like. Very hot. I like aircon.

Hahaha sorry the way I type sounds like compo hehe. Okay yes today is a very tiring day cause we have to practice dance in the hall with badminton and table tennis people.
The worst thing of 'hall' is that because badminton people play with 'cocks', so we can't on the fans. So yes we suffocated to death.
Don't understand how those people stand the heatness. :(
I hate watching badminton matches now!!!! I miss playing badminton at Mpcc like 2 years back with Kenneth Joel etc. :(
I'm gna go watch my movie now, tc


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