Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry merry christmas

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE!!!

Sorry thats all the photos I have in my camera. We didn't really take any photos. Actually have, but its all in Xinran's camera. :)

Yesterday was my best christmas countdown ever. :)
With Seika, Tia, Randolph, Xinran, ShiHong, Daven, Renguo, Jesse, Huiyi + basketball girls!!! (wild girls sia!!!!)
We've spent the whole day at town till midnight @ cineleisure. Damn fun! Some of us watched Gulliver's Travel, some of us watched Tron. Gulliver's Travel, rate it 6/5 stars!!!
After that had dinner and we wanted to walk to 313. Then suddenly, its like countdown.
We saw Yalan, and then saw Anil Guohui Sahil etc!!!! Everyone is like spraying snow cans!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. There are people that just walk pass then spray at us, freaking fun night!!! Huiyi + basketball girls damn funny!!! They suddenly pounce then 6 to 7 of them sprayed at us sia. Then Ran and Shihong the snow finish already. Hahaha awesome friends I swear. Then we finally walked out of those siao people anyhow spray snow, then all of us took MRT home. Hahaha damn sad sia. Seika, Tia and Xinran have to walk home from bedok. Seika the saddest. The furthest!!!!! Then the rest I have no idea. After that me, Shihong, Daven and Jesse dropped at Pasir Ris. Jesse walked home then my parents sent Shihong and Daven home cause we stay nearby :)

Home Sweet Home at 2 plus am :)


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