Sunday, December 19, 2010

Forgive yourself more

I swear, I've spent I don't know how many days trying to upload all the photos. And now, this is it, all no.... MOST of the photos that have been took in Hong Kong!!!!

Day 1.
Reached Hong Kong like around 8.35pm. Arrived at the hotel at 11pm plus. The airport to the hotel is like damn far!!!!! Put down luggages and met my parents, we ate super awesome dinner!!! I swear you can't eat this kind of awesome food in sg!!!! Well, sg doesn't have side stall on streets, too bad right. :(
To think about it, miss Hong Kong now!

In the train bus with Mummy!

Day 2.
Shopping at the afternoon with Mummy and Walter. Walked pass a pet shop. Which sells both dogs and cats, so cute!!! Third - Fifth photo, is this shop near my dad's place, which sells like wines and stuff. Got this beijing dog called ' chow chow wong '. L.O.L RIGHT?! Haha its super adorable!!! They called the dog, ' manager of the shop '. See picture three below and you'll understand.
After that at night, met up with most of the Wong's family people. Have to book a vip room cause too many people. Actually, lesser than the previous time we had a big dinner! Fun night with my cousins, aunts, sweetie grand mama, nieces and nephews. :)

Me and my niece :)

Nieces and nephew playing with iPhone's and Nintendo's.

My niece after woken up by flash. I swear this girl damn hard to please. She like my brothers but don't like me. :(

Take #1!
Take #2 with Wesley inside LOL!

We three with our nieces and nephew.

Walter, Mummy and me. :)

Day 3.
Early in the morning, went to visit my grandpapa at this far place!! We wiped the tomb and stuff :) Uh, kinda freaky. Cause i saw many black bags and broken tombs, and sands..... haha..
After that, went to find my grand mama at her house there for high tea!!!! Then went to this fucking awesome flea market that goes on every weekend, never endings. Hong Kong flea market is so different from sg! They sell everything. And when I say everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING YOU CAN NEVER IMAGINE. Food court, umbrellas, bags, toys, christmas stuff, clothes, soft toy, stationery, accesories, and they got orange fishes in a mini pool for you to play! Like eg, when you catch them, it depends how many you catch, then you can get coupons to exchange to stuff!!!

This is like after visiting grandpa. Uh sorry photos like abit mixed.

Wesley jumps!!!

Crazy ass me hehe.

Visiting grandpa. :)

Cemetery. My grandpapa :)

Flea Market. There isn't any transport to this Flea Market! Is either you drive, or take shuttle bus. Thats all!!!!


Walter, grandma and me!!! :)


Walter, grandma, me and Dad :)
Walter, Wesley, grandma, me, grandma's sis, grandma's sis's husband. HAHA!

Day 4.
Early in the morning, ate breakfast near hotel, then headed to MTR to go to Shen Zhen :)
Did manicure at Shen Zhen. Haha shop very little there. Damn funny, while looking at shops, suddenly hear alot of china mens 'wooooowooooowooo!!!!!!' like that, then me and Walter realised, got two woman fighting!!! Walter pulled me and run towards all the china man, then my aunt pulled me back. LOL. They were stepping on each other, chasing each other on second level and punching each other. FUNNY TO THE MAX. And one thing I don't like about Shen Zhen and Guang Zhou, is that even in restaurant or mall, there are people smoking inside. Which seriously irritates my nose.
Anyway, at night, we headed to Guang Zhou and stayed a night there :)

Haha outside the massage place in Shen Zhen!!!!!
Massage is awesome.
Guang Zhou MTR!!!
Stuff sells damn cheap!!!

Hotel waiting for check in :)

Packet tissue. Which looks like cigg box! Hehe to trick people hehe.

Fat char siew. Its damn nice. When you bite right, all the oil gush out of it... YUMZ.

Guava with japan wasabi and soy sauce. Its damn nice!!!

Day 5.
Took pictures outside the hotel then headed to this place to shop. Freaking awesome mall! Everything they sell here in Guang Zhou is cheapest. Many people take stocks from here!!! The stuff here is cheaper than Shen Zhen and Guang Zhou!!!! I would love to stay at Guang Zhou serious!!!! You know, people here are awesome. Cars drive here like speed of 90 on roads, while sg is 60. And theres still people jay walking, like macham some pros like that. They really won't get bang. And I'm super shock, I always stand there laughing at people crossing the road without getting banged!!! Even when the car is like less than a metre to them, THEY WON'T GET BANGED?!??!!!?!?? Experienced people, I like :)
And I love the sounds of honk honk from the cars here at night. Starting for 6pm, you can hear all the car honks!!! I really love it like hell. The city lights are awesome, and the sound of the horns from the cars. Don't you think its just simply amazing? Left Guang Zhou at 9pm plus and reached Hong Kong at 11 pm close to 12am :)

Kitty at some mamashop near the hotel :)

7th Aunt and me :)
Me :)

Day 6.
My dad booked wrong ticket cause he accidentally saw 15 dec, as 16. So yes, Walter flyed back sg himself. Dad went to Shen Zhen to have a meeting. So left with me, Mummy and Wesley. We was shopping halfway near our place, suddenly got a call from Mummy's sg friends that just came to hk, they asked her to play mahjong. So yes, she pangsehed us for the sake of mahjong. :(
HAHAHAHAA. Me and Wes shopped at H&M, (some huge store like cotton on, that only sells clothes and shoes and acces', but much more bigger and huge. got few levels somemore! like isetan.) Espirit, some street nearby. Then I called waiwai my cousin whether she wna meet up, so we meet up at this street near her house. And shopped!!! My niece is like going to have a xmas party, so have to buy a dress for her. So yeah, we shopped santa girl costume for her. Hehe. Then at night, Wes had a haircut and I went cousins house. Later on, met up with her 3 kids and hubby, her sis and another niece, we ate sushi at GENKI!!!!!!! Amount of plates = $$$$ no more. HAHAHAHA!!! Gladly, she paid for the bill. She treated me and Wesley!! So sweet right :) Btw, waiwai's first daughter's name is Chloe. And yes she's my niece. But guess what, she's older than me by 2 years :) Awesome shit.

My 15 year old niece!!! :)

The niece that wants santa girl costume + hard to please niece. :(

See! After awhile she don't wna smile. :(

Day 7.
Day of coming back to sg!!!!!!
My dad bought me this bear before I came to hk. Now its on my bed with me :)
Finally done with my post.

Bye people,

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