Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It wasn't right

Look at the mess on my table!!!

Left hand :)

Right hand :)

After dance and lunch with Yvonne, I went home being really really really bored. So yes, I've painted my nails. And yes, i'm going Hongkong with my brothers next Sunday and I could actually get cheap manicure and pedicure at Shenzhen?!?!? But why did I paint my nails now? Cause i'm really bored. I just realised I wasted my gem stones, hehe. But who cares I'll be going Hongkong so i'll buy like thousands of them so I could do manicure anytime I want :) Btw, I'll be staying in a hotel with my brother in Hongkong while my parents at another place!! Haha fun time, I guess? Sigh, I'm currently broke, means no money for shopping in Hongkong :(

Finally, the Mr Derek finish choreagraphing our dance! Dance time pass soooooooooo fast.
Dec 18 - Tanjong Pagar CC performance for Mr Derek's school's showcase dance performances.
Cny performance.
Syf competition.
Mr Derek is gna drop dead. Hehe. I shall go now, I played too much of Call of Duty: Black Ops till I headache.. :(


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