Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fragile hope

Bebe Ice and Muffin, my babys!!!! :)
Heh just posting photos that are not posted!!!! Well this few days I didn't take any photos? Too lazy I guess haha! I think dance in the holidays is sooo fun cause we are doing bollywood and mix with alot of dance for performance on dec 18 at Tanjong Pagar CC. Hahah its like a mixture of bollywood, indian, malay, chinese(alittle), and kpop!!!! Music includes Jai Ho by Pussycatdolls!!!! Me and wen love that song alot hehe. But the dance abit funny haha! Very fun though, looking forward on Tuesday's practice hehe!! Btw removed tagboard :)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLICK MY NUFFNANG BABES!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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