Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everytime my heart beats faster

Hair hair hair, when will you grow till this length again?
Hair hair hair, when will you heal and stop being so bitch?

I hate my hair naoz, so ugly and disgusting and dry!!! I shouldn't have spoilt it at the first place! When I get the money $$, byebye current hair. Muahahaha! I miss lesssons! So happy tmrw got normal lessons, excited to get results! But english i'm scared :(

Assemblys are kinda boring, like no offence, but enjoyed today's Flamingo dance! But the woman got armpit hair, whoa she should use some wax selled @ watsons/guardian. They said it was grey and messy, haha so mean but funny! Well, i was just wondering, why she didn't shave it. She knows she's gna wear a dress what.

Ops sorry i just watched the Susan Boyle thing. Haha she's cool i love her. Hmm.. I thought of transfering school, but don't know which school to go to. I prefer a school nearby my house, so do not have to travel! I shall go try to get a good night sleep. Bye readers ( if i have any )!!

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