Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Run back into your arms

I have a fucked up life.
Drunkened losers.
I seriously screwed everything up and i can't undo that. Oh my god man, i feel so _______. Why do I have to screw everything up!! Urgh life suck, and that is what life suppose to be, everyone has the same thinking as me right? Some doesn't. I think i should listen to Kim's advice, if I want to cry, just cry it out, don't bottle your feelings in your heart, 40% absolute vodka

So yeah I can't find my camera charger and my camera's battery is flat anyway.
\Slacked in school today and finally borrowed a book called " Ugly. " Really sad story, have to return it the day before my birthday and its like so impossible? I read books slowly, how they expect me to finish reading it by 10 feb. And its Joseph's birthday on 10 feb btw.. School currently suck now and I don't know why. I think i have no life, end school, go makan, then slack, then home, then sleep, then laptop, then homework, then talk on phone, then sleep. So no life-ish. And the most sad thing is im the chinese rep. :( I have a feeling im going to drop from express to normal acap. I can't even cope on my studies, Miss Low makes me sleep in class with her voice, Mr Khong talks so softly and I can't understand what his saying, Mr Lew teaches good but i don't know what his talking about, Miss Lim is so kind that she even let me sleep in class when she knows im tired, but I still don't know what she is talking about, Mdm Norsarah teaches useless art facts with us, and I seriously don't know how to study. I dont' even have the ' mood ' to even study? Secondary school life suck, a blink of an eye its already almost the end of January. People say I will get use to secondary school life, I don't, I still think its like the 4th day of school in nass.
How i wish Alefiyah is beside me now so she could listen to me about my life and crap!! Why she not in nass.


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