Monday, January 25, 2010

Love never existed in my world

A day at my house with Brenda, Joel and Bob!!

Finally have time to post, twit, reply tags ^^

So yeah, yesterday which is Sunday, Wesley and Walter didn't turn up for my church service, and Wanwen last min have tuition at 10am plus, so left me, chenlaoshi and Yvonne. Met Miss Faith sim at Expo MRT with Shevonne!! Omg damn happy, had a talk from Pastor Brian Burton!! Cool manzcxczcs, one of my cell group members damn cute loh, she is like, dude Lawrence and dudedat Nina, then she said dude Brian, weird girl. She even counted how many claps the whole church clapped.

This post for Alefiyah!!
Thanks Alebaboobie for spending most of the primary school life with me, when im happy, sad, emo, moody, angry and any kind of moods, you were there for me. I really love you, i mean it!
Yesterday you suddenly told me you love me, but you were actually depressed before that, sorry i wasn't with you. You should have called or sms'ed me!! I will talk to you till you die. Hahah okay joking. But im really sorry i weren't there for you when you were depressed. If you are now, cheerup, cause i will be there for you!! If you need me, i will fly to TKSS to cheer you up!! Im sure my parents would allow me to do that cause my friend is unhappy. I feel so honoured to be your first friend you love most!! In a indirect way, hahahaha. I hope i can meet you soon, where you swim at my house with Cindy!! And hope you could come my house asap, even though im busy, i'll try okay! Secondary school life suck anyway, LOLOL.


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