Sunday, December 6, 2009

What hurts the most

Okay, next time I go out I shall use my camera.
Oh and I just remembered, I have bad records at home of losing stuff. Wesley wouldn't want me bringing my camera for no big occasions, in case i lose it.
So should I stop camwhoring ? Maybe yes, my blog is filled with pictures, haha.

Another day, had an ugly haircut. Getting my salary like tomorrow, can't make it in time to get my dad a birthday present ( iPod ) even if i have enough money.
So my mom is gonna pay for me first, plus my mom making tiramisu for my dad, haha.
Im like broke, real broke. I hope I do not have to spend money on necessary stuff, and beg mom to let me pay less for present, hehe.

So, travelled to bedok interchange with seika, then took 16 and went to ecp.
Played one game or DDR, walked to the beach, -.-
went Inline Culture to say hi, and bused to seika's house. Cycled to 7 11, bought mentos and hot and spicy chips (Y), then to fairprice, waited for seika to buy her candies, haha. Settled at a spot to eat a tinsy bit. My mom called me and blahblah, so went back to seika's house.
Omfg, i suck at audi.

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