Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend stroll

And yes, this is how much i miss my old, long ghostly hair.
And I hate my smile.
And I look retarded.
And I miss Danica.
And I miss Jenice.
And I miss Linhui.
And I miss Cindy.
And I miss Tia.
And I miss Mii chiang.
And I miss Filza.
And I miss Aini.
And I miss Jeanne.
And I miss taking pictures with my polaroid.
And I like to eat.
And I like to sleep.
And I like to shop.
And I like to camwhore.
And I have no money.
And I am trying to look for more jobs.
And I want to quit inline culture.
And I am waiting for my salary.
And I am waiting for my slot to work.
And I am waiting for my giving out flyers job outcome.
And I am waiting for nothing.

T, J, MC, C.
C, J, T.

Worked from 3 pm to 8 pm. Steven wants someone to drop out and work till 8.
Because it was raining. Me and Sinta volunteered.
Bused home with Tienhwa. HSH @ 10.15pm.
I just realised, many people look down on me cause of some certain things, but, I have reasons okay. Im trying to find a simple job like giving out flyers. Not like being so tired, working jobs like renting skates.
But, i will be strong like my Grace honey!
Oh god. I need to think of what to get for my dad. I thought today i would get my pay, so i could buy my dad a iPod. But, moomoo went for Need For Speed skating competition, I feel awkward going to ecp tomorrow, asking him for pay.

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