Thursday, November 12, 2009

He says he doesn't know what love is

Schedule are tight nowdays. ):
Working more and more days.
The most sad thing is, i got my salary on last sunday , and i spent it all by tuesday. So sad, buying a grad night dress, w/o using it. ):
But i bought badget skirt @ a cheap price, MWAHAHAH.
AND OMFG, last few weeks, i work, so happy to work. Now im like a slacker, lazy to work. :/

Detention today, wanted to skip, but can't.
Uhm, detention cause of the throwing cake thing. Didn't finished my detention, so added on. Hahaha.
Did detention with eling, jovin and leeping! LOL. Damn fun.
Leeping was hiding at the class behind me and eling wiping, then Mr yo finding him.
So he called me on the hp, ask me make mr yo come up to our class so he could run away.
Eling climbed out the window and sang I know you want me by pitbull and we've both beeen dancing! :D Like mad zharbors. So mr yo came up, and leeping ran away to jovin's classroom. ITS DAMN FUN TODAY.
Me and eling, went to make a vid of we guys doing detention. MWAHAHAHA.
Post detention and mr yo's picture tomorrow. :D

Happy birthday to Shawn and keith. (:
Hope you guys had fun during the party.
After school, went home, ate, changed, then went to IC. Shawn said skye and keith was there. Then andrew. :D So slacked at the back of IC. Blahblah, chitchats. Then shihui and grace came, peiwen and QQ. Went JkDon to eat. :D
AFTER THAT. Don't know who decided to skate from ECP to ORCHARD. *
Like wanna die like that sia. People like Shawn could skate from ECP to ORCHARD for 30 mins.
I think if i skate hor, will skate 2 hours.
Me and skye got no skates, then decided to rent. I never skate for 2 years plus. ): So i sure fall. I told shawn i don't wanna skate, but he say if not we will be left behind. So yeah.
Changed plans, we're skating to KALLANG. (:
Took 1 hour plus, finally reached Kallang stadium. Sat there like sauna. :/
Me and skye cab back to IC. MWAHAHAH, lent money from francis.
Reached, returned skates and went macs to slack.
Grace and francis was skating then collided with a bike or smth.
The girl still can say she didn't do anything. What a bitch, if i was there, i would scold her for injuring grace. Grace slided on the ground. ): So her arm hurt like fuck. ): I guess its fine now ?
Blahblah, after 9pm when IC stopped work. Went Zen to eat. Mummy ting treated us for dinner ! ^^ Yay.
Shawn was thrown to the water fountain.
Shawn and Keith was thrown to the sea.
Shawn and Keith got smashed by their cakes.

Birthday card for shawn. :D
Okay.. I didn't know this picture was taken. ^ It was very very very hot. I was sweating like shit.

Skye and me.

Skye and shawn.

QQ and peiwen !

Settling down at Zen.
Shawn with his bday card and keith with his pressie. LOL.
Singing bday song!
Shawn and keith holding MUFFINS.
Josephine, KENNY XBB, mengteck.
Mummy ting, shawn and keith.
MOOMOO AND SHAWN! Btw, moomoo's my boss. :D
Grace and shawn. (:
Grace and keith. Seriously, keith look so retarded!
Look @ keith's face dude.
Shawn and keith.
Holding keith..........................
In the end, both got thrown.

Shawn @ the fountain, MWAHAHA.
Group photo!
Cake smashing below. :D

Shawn trying to hug QQ and give him some cake cause QQ smashed the cake on his face.
Well, shawn should give him lovebite, lasts one month. ^^

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