Tuesday, September 8, 2009


BBQ @ Tanjong rhu.
Sorry, no pictures, was too lazy that day, haha.

Heart shape, made by eling, zhiwei and carey ! (:
With candle. O:

Ricky's party @ ECP.

Eling, me and norman. Haven't got my memory card from norman, no pictures !

Went to Inline Culture to look for Grace ! :D
Me grace and shihui.
Grace, me and shihui ! Both chiobu sia.

Hoaly's sister party @ Paramount Hotel.
Currently we played among ourselves. (:
Im sure lily got alot of presents from us !
Mua was wet.

Snatching towel from aidan !
Me and aidan, PEACE OUTTTTTTT~

Hoaly, yeexuan, wenshan, haixin and i !
I pushed haixin down, pro right ?
After that when i pushing hoaly, she pulled me down cause wenshan push me too. ):
SAD, after coming up, i pushed all the gals down.
At night then everyone swam except for me and jiancheng. He hated swimming. Oo
Walking away before got pushed down ! ):

Haixin and i before going to the party ! Was at arcade. :D

Haixin, yeexuan and i. Wasn't prepared !

Xin, xuan and ling. :D

Jiancheng and yeexuan ! O:

Reflection. ^^
Nobody in toilet so was bored, took pics.

Me and yeexuan.

Yeexuan and i ! :D
Me and hoaly waiting for shaiann !

Me and hoaly, she look so cute ! ~

Me holding the balloons! :D
and drink.
Aidan and edward !

Edward so fat.

Aidan and my date. HAHAHA, jk only. Just a very good friend. :D

Jiancheng moved at the back. O:

Hoaly and ryan zhang. :D HEHE Candid shot of them, im showing ryan that kuku tmr.
People. :D

Me and edward. Currently im taller than him, but just bending my knees !
Edward aidan and jiancheng. I was sitting with yeexuan awhile cause kuiran sat at my sit.

All alone on the roadside.

Maths Lecture @ Ava.
All tenacity mems were playing inside ! O:

Jenice walking up, hehe.

Me and Kwantip !
School --> PP --> Roxy --> PP --> Home.
Wanted to go PP with seika and monik, but don't feel like cause of SOME reasons, hahaha.
So... Saw nikole, and went MPCC. Met carey ( sec 1 ) and ate and slacked. I borrowed a book recommended by Nikole.

memoirs of a gangster's daughter.

Its really a good story though, Walter told me the gang is still here, at japan and hongkong.
So sad that she tattoo'ed her whole body, guys, don't do tattoo k ? BAD ! ):
Sure regret de.
Handphone todayye no battery, so took pictures with nikoles phone. :D

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