Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello guys ! Sorry hor.

BBQ PARTY ! Norman said Ricky's bday, LIAR.
Norman told zhiwei go, zhiwei ask me go, i ask eling go.
Blah blah, had fun, reached home like 11 + pm. Carey's dad fetched me home. (:

Went ecp at 7 +, me and my mother fetched norman from my house bus stop to ecp together, haha. Played at funland, then cut cake for ricky's birthday !
I gave norman a slice of cake, he smashed the cake at ricky's face, yay yay ! :D
Pictures will be post i do'nt know when. But i promise i will post pictures tomorrow once i get back my handphone from mr.hoy alright ! :D

Blahblah, eling, norman, ricky and zhiwei came my house to swim ! :D
Haha, i went tuition came back, then they change and went PP.

SUNDAY which is TODAY.
Eling, wen, norman, ricky, joshua, zhiwei, junhong came my house to swim AGAIN!
Really had much fun, sorry norman about your balls. ): Didn't want to kick you, lol.

I promise i will post pictures tomorrow okay ! (:

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