Friday, August 28, 2009

Ello guys. Sorry no pictures.
Had been busy nowadays.
Hahaha, Norman, Joshua and Ricky, hope you guys won't get suspension till psle is over okay ! Good luck to you three guys. (:

Had BBQ yesterday. Damn Norman told Zhiwei is Ricky's birthday party what right ? Then Zhiwei call me go, then i call Eling.
Zhiwei waited for me downstairs my house for 20 mins, then i went down. We both waited another 25 mins for eling to REACH my house. -.-
Went to drop at kampong arang bus stop. During the time at the bus, me and eling wrote bday card for ricky. Then made two strawheart. While cutting the leftover strawheart the thing, i accidentally cutted my finger, haha. Then i wiped the blood on the wall, psps. :(
Walked to the BBQ hut, suddenly saw NO RICKY. Saw Norman, Samuel, blah blah and malay boobies. Suddenly so many people come at 8pm +. But we three reached at 7pm +.
Played like siao, those malay boobies don't know how to make fire then go spoil the fire i make. LOSER SIA. So i piss off, went to buy DRINKS. Hahaha, drank too much then become dizzy till today lo. That why today i like abit not paying attention. Wanted to vomit but can't. Stupid drink, make me sleep at 12.30 am, woke up at 3 am. Slept at 4am, woke up at 6am +.

Thanks for caring about me, loves ! (:

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