Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Todayye, the same old thing. Went to PP. :D
Uhm, we went to food court to eat.
Then it was like, so damn full. Then me and monik saw a sit, is beside a short amo and tall amo. Teenagers. So we asked them whether are the sits occupied, they say nope. So we sat there.
Suddenly got a brown mama (guy) come shout, EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME. Crazy, and he sat beside me and the tall amo. I just found out they are friends.
(monik) (empty) (short amo) (empty.)
(danica) (me) (crazy brownmama.) (tall amo)
After they ate they left. Then we all keep gossipping, LOL.
Firstly we speak vulgarities, on my and danica's right got one table of indians, they keep staring at us. And secondly, danica accidentally gossip about the brown mama, then the brown mama stare at us. Lol.
Well, we got quite much fate ! O:
After eating we went to walk around, and guess what, we saw the two amo(s) like 5 times after the lunch.
Weirdddddddddd, hahaaha.

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