Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Seika and mua.
Monik. :D
I look stupid. +.+

Walter look retarded. O:

Todayyexzszxs, was a fun day ? LOL.
Uhm uhm,.. Went to PP to eat Ichiban SUSHIIIIIII, my love. (:
Went up one more level up at Challenger and ate there. MY WASABI DAMN HOT.
We sat down and eat, people thought we are hobos. =.= WTF. We go sch, look like hobos on the street eating meh ?!
I don't think can use laptop that often like last time. ): SAD SAD.
Btw, sorry alefiyah for not returning the revision set 7, forgot. D:
Hehe, today went to minitoons to buy smth special. (:
Harharx peepohhs, iimma endiinq 0f hEree w!thh twiitinqz alr!qht ! :D
buhhhbyesszxszxszsxzsxazsxzxs peeepohzszxzsxsxsxsxzsx. <3
040709 is loved by Jennifer Wong Ai Ling. <3
I have moved myself out of the center to make room for you in my life.

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