Sunday, July 26, 2009

Danica farewell day ! ):

Jenica, danica, linhui and me.

Me and danica.

Monik and danica.

Danica and jenice.

Danica and linhui.

Yeehern's partyye. (:

Jiaming pushed Yeehern' in the pool ! O:

Yeehern, me, nikole and joseph.

first lane. Brenda kenneth me nikole and joseph.

second lane. Jan, john and yeehern.

Was looking at joseph O:

Me and nik.

Joseph me and nik.

LOL, john was the one who was suppose to take the pic. I joined in, then brenda, but john's hand covered her face. :D

Brenda and cin.

Ericka, zenn and mua.


Yeehern's bday cake and him. O.O

Me and tia.

Bob and me.

Walter's ndp. (:

Markus tecktonik. :D
First part he dance not that good, but the last part nice. :D

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