Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passer: hie..whr u get ur polaroid camera ah???
Uhm, i got it from the internet ?

SEIKA.: no tag me D: i don't like you! D:
tagg tagg tag alr ! :o

yeehern/JENNIFER: Hellorh JEN!,tagged wondeful blog,
replied in your blog (:

REN MENG: Hellohs!! Tagged back w loveeeeeeeee too!
replied in your bloggy. :D

FILZA/.: Hi. I love Jennifer, man!
I love Filza too man ! Replied in your blog.

Alefiyah:D!: TAGGED BACK WOMANN ! & w/ moremoremore love(: Hahhas , Ily dear (:
And so do you. (:

SHARMANE.: Hey stupid junior, glad u didn't forget me in your list. HAHAA, see you soon during hols!
STUPID SENIOR, never tell me your new link ! Heh, of course la. See you soon !

advertiseeeeee. :)

Sera,: Hellooo!
replied in blog (:

REN MENGGG: Sry my dear, so long never tag. Ok now tag liao
its okay dearrrr ! :D

COKIEEEEEEEEEE: hi.i'm jus a passer-by.fyoi,adam lambert lost american idol.sorry for you but i think he's gay ==.kris allen rocks foreva
who are you uh ? Lol, yeah i know, so sad. But gays still can sing right, his singing its like better than kris. Adam everything sing the judges all like it, unlike kris, his singing is sometimes nice, sometimes not nice. (:

adele(:: hello! please tag and link. ty
okay, link-ed :D

REN MENG: Hellohs! Tagged! Nice skin!
thanks ! I changed again. :O

Alefiyah:D!: HELLOH , Omg , at first , i dont even understand th skin lah . Then presspress , can alr ! Yayye (:
Hard to understand yeah ? But i changed again, unhappy w/ that skin. ):

alaister: haha i manage to find ur blog:P
alaister: btw
alaister: u stay on lvl 6
alaister: wat unit
alaister: ???
Anw, who are you ah ? Lol, reply me first then i tell you. :x

Im falling in love again.
when you tell me you love me, do you really mean it ?
you leave me speechless when you talk to me.

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