Saturday, May 23, 2009



WHOA man, ytd was fun.

Hoaly's chalet + BBQ party !

Freakin' fun.

Went sch, blahblah.

Aft sch went back home, change prepare stuff, then met hoaly aft her CCA, shai ann and dacie.

Hoaly's aunt fetched us to parkway, then she went to collect the huge cake. Very huge cake.

After that, went to hoaly's house for awhile. Used her apple laptop, very hard to use. ==

Apple computer better (:

Then hoaly left to fetch kwantip.

Blahblahblah, me, dacie and shaiann watched the stairway to heaven backwards.

So weird. @.@

Go check it out at youtube guys, to see what your reaction. (:

So hoaly's aunt fetched us to the chalet at ecp.

While walking into chalet, saw darren, aidan, edward, yuning playing at the playground.

Then me, dacie and shaiann freaked out, so we faster go inside the room.

Then inside is Qianyu and hsiuching.

Then later haixin came.

They all went to the beach, left me, hsiuching, qianyu and lily.

So, we went to join them later, saw kuiran, jiancheng, yeexuan == and wenshan.

Monik and seika came too.

I started to emo for ' some reasons ' D; and then me and monik went to walk along the beach, i love monik la, i emo she pei wo, but she not emo, heh.

then we saw the big huge rock that thing, so we went up and started to camwhore w/ love.

while EVERYONE at the other side far away playing happily w/ each other..

Suddenly everyone come and join, then became noisy. Edward, darren and aidan started stripping their shirt, crazy people ==

So me emo again, walk back to the other side where they just came.

Monik accompanied me.

Saw all the litter on the floor.


then went down down down, to the water, until my chest there.

w/ monik.

Then everyone went back except darren, edward aidan , dacie and shaiann.

They came to join us.

edward still did not have his shirt on.

darren and edward sat on the big rock. Monik sat w/ them.

Then stupid monik go say something to darren what don't toy my feelings ==

Crazy, later people think im like what kind of person or sth.

Afterthat, me and dacie went very deep in the water till our chest, heh.

All wet.

I just found out today went i go home my foot got scratches.

Went back to chalet.

All dirty.


some time later...

Became evening, went up the the rooms.

I played pillow fight w/ myself hitting darren. :D

Then suddenly got some champange.

Monik open till the pit.

Edward take and shake, but when open nothing sprayed.

Then we all share to drink, monik first, followed by me, haixin, me, raymous, aidan, edward, darren, raymous, me, darren, haixin then no more. LOL. We never let others drink.

We all snatched to drink lo !

Then kuiran took another, jiancheng shake, VERY HARD, kuiran was standing behind me on the bed, while i was having migraine, VERY pain okay, i wanna cry already, my mirgraine very pain, like siao like that.

So i took the pillow and put my head on it to relax, too noisy already.


Then monik scolded everyone telling them i got headache before that.

The champange spill on my head made my headache go worst. I wanted to relax so i went down.

Then darren edward monik they all also follow me went down, everyone went down.

But i left the chalet, my headache pain.

And it was dark man, so scary.

I walked alone at the beach, sat down, listen to music and watched the scenery (:

It was beautiful.

Migraine gone, went back. Darren dacie they all sitting outside.

Darren asked me where i did i say no where then went in, sweet little wenshan asked me to sit w/ her (;

But noise level went up, i left again. headache comes back to me.

Went back to the beach and looked at the ocean, polluted at the left, but at the right, it was nice. (:

Suddenly, wen called me, blahblah.

Then in the end she came.

Went back to chalet and told everyone.

so everyone joined me to fetch her. Well, almost everyone.

Then camwhore there, darren said his parents at the other side so he ran away from the carpark, then his parents drove and stopped at the carpark ==

Everyone shouted his name ask him come back but he can't hear.

So i ran and find him, THEN, he ran back to the carpark, then i was behind him running also.

He left, then aidan and edward walk home, somehow ==

Seika , ugena, joy and monik went to virtual land or sth.

Me and dacie, and hoaly went backk to chalet. Everyone went back cause we camwhore at the carpark too long.

In chalet left hoaly's family members, amit, raymous and brother, me, wen, hoaly and dacie.

Hoaly walked to carpark to send dacie home.

Then in the end hoaly's parents fetched me and wen home, raymous and brother left, amit parents fetched him.

The end of my composition, thank you. LOL.



I love you forever you bitch. :D

Sorry that i can't go to your bday outing. D:

My mother la, again.

I never talk to my father for 4 days, D:

Cause we quarrelled.

But today, we started talking to each other.

happy happy (:

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