Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went library today with Seika milkshake ! <3
Then do hw do hw, before that met kenneth at Mama shop then he return my money ! Haha.
Then after doing hw, went to Cafe Galilee.
Saw Kenneth, Sera and Tia. Sat with them, chit chat. Stupid Kenneth lie to me say one put me in his devices, in the end he hack my phone. IM PUTTING PRIVACY LOCK! HA, TAKE THAT KENNETH !
Took picture of kenneth and sera w/o they knowing, hehe. Post later.
Hey people, help me choose ok ?
Should i change my URL to (1)
OR (2)

Tell me which one is better ok ! HELP !
Tag on my tagboard if which one is better, (1) or (2) , thank YOU ! :D

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