Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tissue for my deary nose !!!!!!!
stupid flu.

Pepper + french fries + ice cream + table !
Playing car !

Sorry for not posting for so many days.
Yesterday got napfa test.
So shocked can, i forgot ytd is my pull up and other test(s) !
Ran the 1.6 km run, freakin' tired.
I want a retest lo, im like having major flu, PLUS, i fall down during recess, hehe.
Very embarrassing.
But i've got 11th place, haha.
Anyway, before that. Me, Linhui, Jenice, Danica, Scott and Adam went to parkway to eat lunch.
Ate and Macs, then Scott and Adam ran away, AGAIN, so we went to iciban sushi, buy ate, camwhored, then called Adam, he said he is at challenger.
Wondering wheres there, he told me opposite TimeZone, so went. Realised they were playing free game PSP !! ??
So bad, use people stuff, lol.
My napfa results are,
Pull Up ; 13 ; B
Sit and Reach ; 37 ; B
Sit Up ; 38 ; A
Standing Broad Jump ; 167 ; A
Shuttle Run ; 10.5s ; A
1.6 km ; DON"T WANT TELL ; A

Pull up ; 15 then is A
Sit and Reach ; 39 is A
Sit Up ; 29 is A
Standing Broad Jump ; 167 is A
Shuttle Run ; 11. Blah blah then is A
1.6 km ; 10.10 mins THEN is A.

I've could have get higher for pull up and sit and reach !
STILL having major flu, GOD BLESS ME !
loves !

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