Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the best method is ; ANTI-KEVIN
OMG, its my birthday today, so happpy man.
So many people say happy birthday in school and sms ! (:
SO HAPPY! hahah, wait,now its 12.05 already, NOT MY BDAY ANYMORE !
TY to Angel, Seika, SarahLing, SiHui, Armanda, Cindy, Filza, Brenda, NIKOLE ! And Minyee, Yaohui, Timothy, Scott, PARMESH ! , Astrid,Masinta, Si Ding, Alefiyah shit, Monik, Jenice, Linhui, Danica, Denise, Brendan,Ryan Chow, other Ryan, Patrick, Kwanxhen , Dacie, Yee xuan, Chinjie , Hoaly, Kimmy, Jewel, Zhenqi, Edward, smelly Jeremy,Yi en, Jasmine, Sharmane, Yi yang for greeting me happy bday ! MY BESTEST PAL ARE ALL OF YOU MAN ! WOOTS (:
So happy, lalala.
But wen never, sad D: But, too bad. Haha.
Uncle Alfred has same birthday date as me, which is yesterday, so called ytd.
Then i went his house today and hadparty, lol. got hongbao (:
Took some pic,post tmr, BYEEEE ! (:

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