Sunday, February 15, 2009

the best method is ; ANTI-KEVIN
p.s . i love you all man, for tagging ! EXCEPT kevin, i only hate him, haha.
Shyan hao now is better than him man. I HATE KEVIN WING. Stupid wing.
Haha, yesterday at valentines day, after dinner i went wen house to karoke. So fun la. Started at 9 +, then its like, our first song is Last Christmas, we all play like siao.Wit weishun. Then i played mahjong wit him only. Wen went out to make orange juice, and it suck. So sour, LOLS. Then sing sing sing, wanqing came back, she called lena and ziyun to come. then play mahjong wit weishun again, lena and ziyun, after that wanqing take over ziyun, as she wanna sing. Wen starts dancing before that for, currently no reasons wit lena's scarf. Play until 1am then i went home, hahaa.
Im gonna post pictures of my birthday, my current spare phone camera's suck. So take picture of everyone is ugly, except me, of course. Haha.
And one of this month im gonna specially post me baby pic(s) :D
Wen last time post before and she ask me to post, (:
pic(s) of bday up !
Anyways, thanks for everyone tags(s) !!!
I love you all tagger(s) !
And now haven't even near PSLE already got so many morning drill and supplementary, sian. Plus monday school period till 3, so late. Wit three periods of boring old english wit boring old miss tan. SIAN!

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