Sunday, December 14, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Today went to cut hair at monsoon, novena square ! Then went to Pets Kampong or whatever its name, ( can't rmb ! >< ) bought some stuff (:
teeheees, then uhm, went new house, moved some of mummy's stuff from boot to home, total went up and down two time(s) ! And just finished the game at nitendo ds, Professor Layton and the Curious Village ! Im gonna play one more round then i want go to walkthrough, so i will finish all the puzzle(s) ! MUAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Went home, my mother saw newspaper, today 10.30am to 12 midnight, at plaza sing, barangbarang got 40% discount, mymother early made dinner, so after that we can go shopping there, haha. after shopping, went to $2 store, damn freaking nice and cheap, bought toys for doggie(s) and kitty ! They love the toy like shit, after buying, went done to mac, bought one choco milkshake for me, and strawberry for walter, went home, reached about 10.30 ++ . Played wit the doggie(s), but only muffin and bebe play wit the new frisbe, ice over there so scared, don't dare do anything. And played wit kitty the fish toy, which has string, before that ice saw then he bite, so its like , kitty doesn't wanna play wit the cat, instead, she played wit the string, she is SO adorable i tell you !

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