Friday, December 12, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
HELLOH dumbo(s) !
SUPER bored today !
Anyways, talk about today la, i hate the (MONSOON) place to cut hair, which i always cut there, the guy cut quite nice, then its like, i hate him ALOT las, he think he very pro, cool, everytime cut my hair, cut until like i crazy like that, last time the person cut my hair, he say my hair ' curry puff ' and, everytime we make appointments, he say ok, then late, ytd, we made appoinment, then he say he eat lunch long, so cannot, still say what full, FINE. Made appoinment ytd afternoon to today at 12pm, ytd night, called, say , sorry ah, tmr i not coming for work, me and my mother pissed like shit la.

And todays schedule, morning very busy.
First, mummy woke me up like 10.30, where i slept like 2+ ytd. Then do stuff, blahblah.
Leaved house at 11+ . The curtain guy who suppose make the thing at my room, and parents room, final touch, say reaching at 11.15, everytime say reaching, in the end must wait like thirty mins. After leaving new house at around12, going 1., went to the old airport, my mother parking car, then got a malay gguy smoking, don't know why he soooooooooooooooo KIND & HANDSOME ! WOOTS, he knows my mother cannot see carefully, he help me mother. teehees, then quickly took my present room curtain, then want give to extend it, like 1 to 2 cm. cause it was like sewed smaller before. After that, we rushed to order food, then took food, already 1.22.
Then went home, we selling stuff, then got this three, stupid ASS, who is kiasu , singaporeans, I HATE SOME SINGAPOREANS LA. ( sorry ! ) we bought those rosewood stuff like more then 300 plus, then they say they want five of them from our house, FOR 600, they crazy right. FIVE ITEMS OK. then we said 700, they say ok.
few days later , ask can 650, my mother getting pissed, say yes.
Just now like 12, called and say 600, mymother pissed, and say, ' aiyah, i don't care already, 600, don't come liao, i don't mind, i rather throw then give you guys, if your still want, just call. '
then they called say ok. then they took five items, then suddenly say, i want the dining table. and that time, my father say don't want sofa, that two stupid guys say, WAH , don't want, i want. then both of them carry out. cheebong right ?! my mother kind, gave them dining table, then later say , want our, the place where we pray, thing, yucks, my father one, they say want, mymother kind, give them, then our house, no table to eat la.

i wanna chat wit Milkshake le, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (:

reply ; HELLOH! teehee, i loveeeee milkshake tooo !(:

anqel;XMEI♥♥: whad's th test tat you whan me do?
reply ; nehmind.

aida: hey , its aida,your friendster friend. tagged ! visit my blog,yeah ?
reply ; Hello, sureee, but can't tagg ! D:

reply ; welcome boobies !

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