Saturday, August 9, 2008

yesterday was kimmy's birthday, went to her birthday party ? went to her house first, then suntec. and her father fetch me, kimmy, linhui and jewel to her house first. and marcel,erick was the the cinema looking what movie to watch!
haveee sooo much fun loh, tomorrow maybe posting the pictures.
but the neoprint is not wit meeeeee..
wit kimmy, forgot to take wit her.
scanning on monday.
haha, then we went to arcade.
i spent more than $10 from marcel, evil right, to play the sweet games.
im returning him $10 to him on monday, bleahs.
cause i forgot to bring money mah, the store call 1910, sells hotdog, its damn nice!
i ate 2 and half hotdogs. chicken ;D
then call went home except me and linhui,went to kimmy house, linhui left at like 6 plus pm.
i left at 10.15pm something. haha.
before i left, toopid linhui dress me up like shyt, keep putting like necklace, bracelet on my neck and wrist. then kimmy its like the hairdresser, keep dolling my hair.
anyway, i got to go, my father hurrying me, now scolding. so bad.
bye !

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