Thursday, August 7, 2008

hate boys. lifee. people. shyanhao. ass. liars.
nothing. cant remember. bad.
went to national library, then uh, me, eling, kevin went too.
then we ate upstairs, secretly. muahaha.
saw wanwen, seika, navjeet. and moree lah.
sherlyn came, but seika take all her things and bring it to her table thereee, arghhh.
haha. then kenneth and john came, they went to sit wit sarahyeo and dont know who. that is beside my table. haha. then i went to stupid tution.
at recess stupid p5 joy people BULLLY
meeeee. wtf.
so many boys surround me and then, started throwing hashbrown on meeeee!
then stupid jai keep talking, then hongcheng and elmer keep tripping me, wanting me to fall down.
SHYANHAOass go throw half packet of onion rings on my hair! then my hair all got onion ring crisp. assssRIGHT. nobody help meeee.!
luckily when shyan hao pour onion ring on my head, got one malay teacher saw then scold him.
then rae nyse told mr neo, he came. then brought shyan hao to general office but other people ran away, and the kevin helped me to shoot shyanhao wit RubberBand. yayyyee!
then i went toilet, Jenice and Linhui help me take off the crisp on my head.
then linhui was angry for meee, she pull me to report to general office there,{ so sweeeet;D }
she's so good.
then 12 something, i got headache, so linhui and me went to toilet, she say there is still crisp so she asked me to wash my hair ? she cant stand it so she ask me put my head at basin and she pour water on my headd. bleahs.
i hate boys. lifeee. people. shyanhao. ass. liars.
so do youuu!

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