Saturday, July 19, 2008

went to watch the boring old NE show.
seriously hate it, so damn boring.
and rain two times, must wear the stupid poncho 2 times, so easy broken lohhh!
masinta gave me whole packet of prawn crackers that is hot and spicy, it really is.
then i asked my friend whether they wanna eat and i asked them to pass down,
then pass pass, suddenly lost it. asss right ?!
then i keep saying give back, they pass message, over few minutes then come back.
in the end a whole packet left a bit.
what the SHYT.
stupid people eat so much, munch munch munch, like kns like that.
took some pictures. and videos, quite boring, actually it is boring.
and in the mrt, got isaac and dexter gaying, muahaha! while taking it.
ass babuuu! babbuuu is PARMESHER. tell teacher, then got scolded.
but she was blind. she didn't know who is taking the video. STUPID.
okay, there we goooooooo~~

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