Tuesday, July 22, 2008

today got nothing to post lahh.
went to play, ask for money to lend.
uh, of course im gonna return.
to guanhong,july,astrid,charmaine.
then me, wanwen, and eling went to 7/11,
saw the adam,scott, and babu.
then we were like playing, adam,scott,ww,eling, me all eat cup noodles, except babu.
then scott pouring hot water, he spill, but never say anything.
i know in his heart its very pain, he only tahan!
then we went to market and eat the cupnoodles.
got one crazy man, very scary, talk about it already scared.
whenever people walk in front of the table his sitting, he will stare at the person.
and when got baby, he will go play, just now, he saw baby, he play then the maid think that his crazy.
dont wanna talk about it.
tomorrow is ME AND CINDY GIRLFRIEND DAYYY <333333333
yayyeness! so happy, hmmm. what should i give her ?
tomorrow i having detention again, bleahs!
its alright. hahas.
got to go, tomorrow must wake up early, never wonder what time is it now...
hahas, byebyeeee peeppppps! :DDDDDDD

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