Sunday, July 13, 2008

i decided not to post the pictures.
and that is a yayye!
i HATE posting pictures.
it bother's you.
so tooo bad for meeeeeee.
now my mother made a stupid rule for only using laptop in her room.
wts. ass lah, i got no privacy loh,
she suspect me of having a BOYFRIEND.
that's BULLSHYT.
shyt okay!
worst than a cow dung.
i just ignore her, now im at the living room.
gonna reply tags.
im starting to wanna delete my blog, firstly, i like it, then suddenly i hate it.
wth. its so irritating.
tags time :D
anyway, we finished the yellow house de dance, and that's a yayyeeee!
but the juniors are doing badly D:
must practice moreeee, sports day carnival is coming,
having a lot of things that week,
me wanwen and eling is gonna skip detention, cause its like, we got syf presentation.
the schedule of performance and activities!
nextMONDAY; 9am-7pm got the preview for syf presentation at TRCC.
nextTUESDAY; 2.30pm-11pm actual performance at TRCC. must skip detention = =
nextWEDNESDAY; got break! go to school by 10.30am :DD
nextTHURSDAY; sports day carnival! yellow house must WIN! go yellow go! go yellow go!
nextFRIDAY; i dont know yet.

end of my schedule!
now tags ;D

(:MINYEE ; helllooohhh! i MISS and LOVE you toooooo! more than you doooo ><

R. ; helloh weeteng :D im gonna tag, hahas, nothing will happen even if you report to him, so happy that he never annoy meeeee :D you take care to prettyayye.

PEARLYN ; helloh jiee :D YOU stay hot and chio and pretty and shiok ;D she's fineeee. still the same, very clumsy -_-

F I L Z A ; mee tooo! my lappie is going to be spoiled, it take few mins to on it. bad lappie.

AILYNN ; yours is niceerrrrrr, i love rainbowss, me then jealous lahhh! @.@

AINI ; hellos! tyty.

renguo ; you are what, just never updateeee. will do it laterrr!

eling ;D ; i can do this to you, next time you come, i post moreee! muahhahahha! *evil laughs*

(: ; thankyou ?

(;LAOPORH ; i love you TRULY then TRULY. i love you more than truly!

joy;D ; comeon! i willl do ittt. after this. hahahas.

CAREY ; sureee, but i checked the link, its not found, i think its typo error.

angel ; sureeee, npnp.

aLeFiYaH ; heyyyy! npnpppp :D

CHERLY/SIHUI ; yayye, we are in the same class for the compo thinggyy. yeahh, i watch it long ago, i watched it again :D

im doneee ;D
going to update my gans and tags. byebyeee :D

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