Friday, July 11, 2008

today me, linhui, vanessa, and danica got to stay back and do the project,
but in the end i left them = =
cause xerxis birthday and they asked me to go,
then i was like, uh, okay.
then we walk walk walk, then hongcheng went wit xerxis to ecp.
siti went to khriahni's house to change.
then me and kimmy was like following erick and jai to erick's house.
erick never tell his parents that he is going to the party,
and got caught, the parent's saw us hereeee.
then he got stuck at home. = =
then jai, kimmy and me was like loitering.
suddenly, jai's mother called and say that his grandmother passed away.
we was so shocked.
then me and kimmy was like mourning.
then we decided not to go to his party already.
we felt like quite paiseh like that.
then jai went home. me and kimmy went home.
then i went back to school to check about the project.
it was fine.
then me and linhui only took one pictureeeeee
post it tomorrow.
must do homework!
i very hardworking you knowwwww!
not like some people.
just kidding. all people study like NOT.
got to go do my homework.
byebyeeeeeeeee :D

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