Friday, March 2, 2012

Until another life

This feeling is just so weird. This feeling can't be explained or expressed from me. The only thing I know now is I hate it. I hate this feeling.
Someone tell me, how to fight this feeling away? I'm so fucking stressed, everything is bothering me. I wonder whats wrong with me. Is it wrong for me to care so much for someone that means a lot to me? I just don't understand why am is this happening to me in return when I certainly did not done anything wrong. This feeling inside is fucking killing me. I just want to escape this as soon as possible.
Trying so hard, have gone to waste.
Nobody will ever appreciate what I've done.


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Anonymous said...

Sweetheart , I love you , I wanted u to know that I miss u far away and it not going to stop till the day my heartbeat stops . Life is an agony without u , all my life I had been living in lost and misinterpreted person until the day that I found u , I had never found a world so sweet till u completed me and you are the one I think about each day baby , I love you more than I can say<3

Your husband always ,