Sunday, October 30, 2011

stay a little longer

Hey, it's been a long while since i've updated my blog, and it's been 1 week or maybe more, since I caught a movie! And there you go, I watched One Day yesterday.

Rate it 3.5/5. Not really a very nice movie, but quite creative I guess.

Actually it's kinda cool. The movie starts from 1988 to 2018 or something, and it plays every part like one day of the year. Anne Hathaway keep changing hairstyle throughout all years, so did Jim Sturgess!!! So amazing.

Anyway, I'm not gna post any hongkong photos because it's all up facebook. So yeah I didn't bring my camera... okay I did. But it ran out of battery.
And I forgot to bring the charger. Lol.

Okay continue-ing....
Yesterday watched One Day with Daren, Lixin and Yewjin!!! Had fun, like always.

Then Lixin and Yewjin left... Me and Daren went to Escape Theme Park for 'helloween', fucking boring like every year. But we went there just to meet his friend Joseph and his teacher!!!
First game was the driving thing. Hehe we went to the doubles line while all four of us played single. Damn funny, halfway while I'm driving second round I saw Joseph and Daren's kart bang each other at the middle of the slope hahaha!!!
Home sweet home at 12.30am :)

Tomorrow going to have dance!! Like finally so I can damn finally lose fats. :(
Tomorrow gna be a fun day because me and others are gna go Waterside for halloween.

Yay to one big bag of candies!!!
Gna go lie on my sexy bed,



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