Thursday, September 29, 2011

To face that fear

Random photos of what i've been doing last month:

fiesta, i designed the shirt proud me hehe!

Today i'm so bored in class. Actually i'm bored in class everyday. I don't pay attention to class at all!! Tmrw is my chinese paper. Exams are coming and I'm still a little distracted about other stuff.. I've already started studying but not hard enough yet!! I hope I could study more like now. Hope I do well for End of Year so I can get good combi!!!

Y'know I've been getting mood swings this weekend and it's killing me cause its fucking irritating. Fuck mood swings!!! Hate niagara falls!!!! I hope I can like chill and stop anyhow scolding or whacking people. Been so upset these few days.
Sad jen jen, anyone coming to cheer me up? :(


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