Thursday, August 18, 2011

i deserve better

Not in a really good mood now, but i'm just gna do a quick post cause on the other side, i'm kinda happy. Well, I just got two cameras today!!!!!

First introducing................................. HOLGA WHITE CAMERA, LOMOGRAPHY

and ClAP digital camera!!!!! It is a super small digital camera which can open as USB to plug in computer for photos. Also can take video!!! Don't see this small small cheapo like $10 plusplus, its $88 hehe!!!! Anyway mine is turqoise but I can't find any photos.

Anyway, this camera, DIANA F+ is Wanwen's which she bought today. I don't really like it as it really looks like dummy plastic camera, but I guess its nice to some people!!! DIANA the brand has many lenses so maybe worth to buy :) Its bigger than the picture below okay!!

I want to go study now, last test tmrw, wish me luck!! xoxo

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