Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Like in my dreams

Since I have the time now, I'm gna update my blog.

11 March 2011, Friday
Firstly, happy birthday to Masinta!
Secondly, I'm not really happy with my report card but yes i've improved.
Here it is:

Eng, 56
Chinese, 56
Maths, 69
Geog, 62
Literature, 57
Art, 68 <<<<<<<<<<<<< FML
Home ec, 62

First time in secondary school life I passed all subjects I guess its amazing? But FML. B3 for art is fucked up. Anyway, was going to fall sick cause I'm having major flu at the night.

12 March 2011, Saturday.

Met Jon, Jarett, Ailyn, Tingsiang at bedok then bused to Orchard Cinileisure. Had fun!!
Halfway while 'havin fun' felt super sick then TADA I've got a fever.

13 March 2011, Sunday.
Caught the movie Big Mommas 2, I rate it 4/5.
I think it was super funny!! Haha I love Big Momma 1. Its like both of the father and son also need to act like woman, especially his son. Look like some shit hehehe.

14 March 2011, Monday
Dance, suppose have track too but didn't go cause i'm feeling too sick. Dance is super tiring!!!

15 March 2011, Tuesday.
Happy birthday to Pearlyn babe!!!!!! Happy 16th :)
Gna have a mini syf at Kent Ridge Sec. Gna go prepare myself!! Bye!!


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