Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You have no idea

Sorry for not updating!!! Really do not have much time to. Really lazy sometimes btw heh.

16 Feb 2011, Wednesday.
Dance!!!! Costume sucked :(

14 Feb 2011, Monday.
Happy belated* Valentines Day everybody!!! Hope you all had fun!!! I did not because I had dance training hehe but nvm its still fine :)

I'm so stressed over studying because nothing seems to go in my mind!!! Hehe but actually lessons are fine though, it only depends on whether I listen or not. I hate sitting at the back of the class. Why am I always sitting at the back of the class :(
My parents wants to call like Miss Gan to change my sitting arrangement but I said nvm cause its like Miss Gan said that cannot change. Sian......................................

12 Feb 2011, Saturday.
Went to Julian's House!!!! With many many people. Had a fucking great time with Xiaoqian and Julian!!!!! Sad for Julian cause he lost money.. :(
At least Kirk still got back like $10 LOL!!!! Julian's parents are so freaking awesome they let him do like anything, piercing and stuff. Maybe Julian should just pierce his tongue HAHAHAH.

11 Feb 2011, Friday.
My family (without wes cause he went thai) suprised me with a damn awesome cake at 12am! Its super duper deliciouso!! With awesome candles hehe. And yes I'm like so sad 14 already and time is passing TOO fast dude.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AND FANGWEI!!!! BORNED IN THE SAME YEAR, SAME MONTH, SAME DATE, SAME HOSPITAL, but fuck different time and gender. Had bbq with my friends and fangwei hehe.
At bbq they've got us Emicake Tiramisu!!! My favourite brand of cake Emicakes!!!!!!! Mwacks

Anyway last picture my hair is so freaking screwed because I got smashed on the fucking face like 5 times. Luckily I take revenge and smash cake on XINRAN HAHAHAHA beat that!!!! I'm the first person to smash cake on him I feel so honoured :)
So yeah Julian lent me like a towel I don't know why he had one, then I bathed. And after washing my hair at home two days It still freaking smells like Tiramisu cake, Julian's too cause I smash cake on his face too. Sad shit

I feel so short.


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