Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nobody could ever replace you

4 Jan 2010, Tuesday.
It was fine haha. I can't really remember what I did after school? I think I had lunch with Sharlene.

5 Jan 2010, Wednesday.
Had lunch with Shermin, kinda. Poor girl, really love her alot. I hope she's fine!!!!

6 Jan 2010, Thursday.
Had lunch with Sharlene then went to Tmall to buy presents for my mum. My mum's birthday!! She seems quite happy even though she lost $$ in mahjong. Hahaha Walter bought her a Tiramisu cake from Emicakes!!! Its damn expensive for such a small cake. But truthfully, the cake is awesome.

My mum :)

My mum and her cake!

7 Jan 2010, Friday.
Cca display!!!! Super tiring. Had to keep repeating the dance steps over and over many times because there is like 17 classes. They come in the dance studio by girls in one class, then guys in one class. Its so stressful cause you have to keep doing it slowly, then fast. :(

8 Jan 2010, Saturday.
Went out with my beloved babes to watch movie. Rate Rapunzel 4.5/5 stars!!! Hate the ending when the guy cuts out her golden beautiful hair. :( She now looks like a hobo.

9 Jan 2010, Sunday.
Sorry that I didn't update my blog. I'm too busy doing homework and watching dramas! I should stop watching HK dramas. :(
Its so addictive. I'm happy cause I finished all my homework and I feel like a good girl. Dance tmrw! Looking forward to see the next few SYF dance steps. :)

Day 5 — Your dreams

I currently have no dreams.. I don't know what am I gna do when I grow up. Maybe help my dad with his business? I really have no idea. In Primary School, I used to dream of being a Teacher, because of my Kindergarten Teacher, but now I don't anymore. Hmm, tough!!!

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