Friday, January 14, 2011

Next to you

Watched the movie The Ghosts Must Be Crazy. Rate it 3.5/5 stars. Kinda funny, not bad, but prefered Where Got Ghost. I ate emicakes!!!! Tiramisu, $2. Yummz it was damn awesome. Fun day with Sharlene :)

Three days of OLE 2011!

Truthfully, I think It was kinda boring. Throughout the whole workshop I only understand that Leadership is Influence. Thats all! The rest I think it doesn't make sense, except for Encourage the Heart and Inspire a Shared Vision. Okay I shall stop talking rubbish. Our school broke the Singapore World Record for Traffic Jam. In the Record the fastest is 2 mins for 20 people. 2R7 broke the Record and did 13 seconds for 20 people. I think they are super duper fast, I turn around and turn back all of them already finished. Our class fastest only 50 seconds :(
We broke another Record which is largest number of people playing Traffic Jam. Haha here are some photos or 2R1!

p.s/ yay finally posted hehe.

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