Thursday, December 9, 2010

If I had no other way

Haha, ate Seoul Garden with Wesley today, hehe. We used buffet coupons!!! Walter was suppose to join us too but he overslept. Me and Wes ate like really alot! Really worthed it, a full lunchf or only $6 :) He asked me to order this baby octopus when I've asked him not to, then when he ordered, it turned out to be quite big. Picture above!!!!!

Btw, I'm leaving to Hongkong tmrw, aww :( But yay :)
I'm both upset and excited at the same time, lol? Happy that I can shop + manicure. No worries!!! I'm bringing both my laptop to Hongkong so I could at least blog what I'm doing and post some stuff!!!!!!! Hope I would have fun :)


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