Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All aspects of my mind

Monday, December 27.
Did homework in library. Almost finished all!!! Left Chinese..... I've got the photos and idea, but I have no idea how am I gna print them. My printer is spoilt and no more ink left. What to do. Well I have to ask my Mom to help me with this haha.

Tuesday, December 28.
Had Dance practice today till 12pm. It was super duper awful! It was as tiring as hell! Not as tired as Primary School SYF, but yeah it's still damn tiring. My body is aching. Like a broken branch exact. School is going to start soon! I'm feeling excited while feeling not excited. I don't know why do I feel like that but its bothering me about School. Hope I could pay attention in class! I'm going to do the 30 day challenge. Here we go..

Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Best friend... In Primary School I used to have a few best friends, but now in Secondary School, I'm not sure anymore. I'm not as closed to Jenice anymore, nor Linhui. Danica is gone far away in Phillipines. One thing I learn in Secondary School is that, you can't trust anyone but yourself. Maybe after Sec 3 you'll understand. Cause after streaming in Sec 2, you may be different class than your best friend, then slowly you guys will drift. Its okay I don't need best friend to survive!!!! I'm a strong girl.


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