Sunday, February 14, 2010

Get well soon Jennifer

Happy new year and valentines day! Hope you guys had fun during vals......

Today woke up got fever, drank vitamin c, ate panadols and ate breakfast! After using Seika's thing to put on my forehead, i felt much much better. Today visited my only auntie in singapore, then walked to mrt station and took mrt to Bedok inter. Met Seika at inter, then went to 75 with Seika and JJ.
JJ so sweet, he bought a medium size DOMONKUN* for Seika! :( I jealous. Then slacked at 75 with Seika, JJ and Weechuan. Jacq and nikey came after that! After that wait for bus and stuff, reached Century square, met Ivan, Weewee, Sihao, her girlfriend, friend and friend with Seika and Jacq.

Omg today Weechuan damn sick loh, striper!! Play basketball and pose as model and rap Jaychou's song until like siao... Retarded kukubird, haha don't come kill me.

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