Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've got so much love for you

Sorry guys. Really really really too busy to even post the pictures, no time to wait for em' to post. Well, i just finished bathing after gym with Walter, forced by him. :( Post pictures maybe tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. I never promise okay!! Btw had alot of fun yesterday to celebrate Jenice's birthday, really funny too!! But watched Hachiko.. Damn sad, i seriously cried like hell, until the Joanne and Jenice keep laughing at me cause i cried too much, hahaha lame ~, saw Bambby co. inside the cinema, coincidence, and and and!!!! Today i got forced to go my mom's friend's church, and guess what, I SAW BAMBBY AND HER BROTHER, IN THE CANTONESE VERSION OF THE TALK SOMEMORE. Freaking coicidental loh!! I saw her yesterday and i see her today again!!

Okay post tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow okay? BB!

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