Sunday, December 13, 2009

A packful of lies

Look back like 7 months, when me and grace were like tgt everyday at my house.

Ken and grace!

A tired day at work! Hahaha, im gonna go watch tv till 3 am plus.
Im like so bored now, and im happy cause i've just got my pay today.
But im sad cause of some reasons. I wonder, does even anyone understands how i feel ?
I admit im dumb and stupid, and i suck. But, you don't have to ****** ** ** ***** ** ********.

This word fits perfectly for you, : Bitch.

I seriously need to work hard and find another job! If have any job, recommend me okay, i will thank you like a million everyday, hahaha.
And Gracehun got a pro mouth manz. Before i leave IC at 9.30pm, she was like : Becareful okay! Don't let the banglah @#$%^@!
I didn't get %^&*$%^& by banglah, but got questioned by a guy aged around 15 on the bus while travelling to bedok inter.
Its like, he was sitting few sits in front of me, when i boarded the bus, i sat down. He suddenly came and sat at the sit next to mine.
Suddenly, he sat beside me, and asked me like 15 over questions, suddenly, he ask me, whether can have my number, haha, laugh out loud man.
I was shocked like hell, luckily i called seika when i dropped at bedok inter!


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