Thursday, December 17, 2009

I can't stop thinking about you

Alright, i would post pictures on friday after i get my card reader.
So well, today met Filza @ bedok int around 1.30pm plus.
Took MRT to bugis, shopped. Bought like 2 high waist skirts, 2 tee, 2 tanktops, 1 dress/top.
I totally spent all my money manz, really hope Sherman succeed ( MUAHAHAHA ) okay sorry.

Omg, is like 4.30 am in the morning and im still not asleep.
Luckly got Eling to pei me, hahaha. Wow she's my somehow* only close friend who can pei me and stay so late.
God, i can't sleep at all.
Im currently watching Twilight againz. Its like, i never get bored of it!
I wached it 10 over times, 5 times in cinema. Hahahaha.
I prefer Twilight than New moon. My heart feel very weird, its like, whenever i watch twilight, i feel somewhat very sad.
Going to rot at home tomorrow, toodles!

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